Thursday, January 15, 2009



Dislike argument and disputes, intelligent creature, well mannered, good listener and always converse politely, like to steer away from unpleasantness to live in a more quiet environment, very much a pacifist, cool and calm at times, wisdom in the way of caution and provision, act at own discretion, carefulness, frugality, excellent in morals, good habits, chastity and faithfulness.

They like to enjoy life to the best often gravitate to famous restaurant and best night spot around town and has much interest in arts, designs, fashion or good appreciation of finer lifestyle. A witty intelligent speaker and know how to express themselves during discussion and most of the time their views and advices are sought after by others.

The Rabbit can be relied upon to be discreet and diplomatic seldom raise their eyebrows or turning a blind eye even certain events are not pleasing to them and not even raising voices to display anger just to maintain or preserve peace at social gatherings.

Always maintaining their smile to remain on good terms with others but sensitive to any form of criticism very badly and always leave troublesome scenario if they sense troubles brewing. Being quiet and efficient as a worker by nature, The Rabbit is very astute in business or financial matters.

Their degree of success often depends on the conditions that may make them change their minds and hates being in a tense situation which may force them to sudden decisions. Similarly they like to plan their various activities with the outmost care with a good deal of caution whenever it is possible.

Basically, The Rabbit does not like to take risks, make change easily, always seek a secure, calm and stable environment to manage their daily affairs, and when conditions are right they more than happy to leave things unchanged.

At work or business, The Rabbit is conscientious and because of their methodical and sharp watchful nature they always fare well in their chosen profession. Job wise, they can be a good diplomat, lawyer, shopkeeper, administrator or priest, usually excels in any job where they can utilize their superb skills as a communicator.

The Rabbit tends to be loyal to their employers duly to its honesty and integrity, when respected and given a position with great power they can become rather intransigent and an authoritarian. Home is of great important to them which more than often will spend time, money to luxurious fittings or furniture to make them feel warm and comfortable.

Many Rabbit’s hobby is to collect antiques, coins, stamps and derive much pleasure to obtain and keep valuable items they treasured or particularly interested.
The female Rabbit by nature is friendly, caring, and very considerate and will by all means to create a happy and lovingly home with the best atmosphere. They are sociable often holding parties or gatherings to entertain their house members and friends.

They have the ability to maximum use of their time and even with other activities commitments, they are able to sit back and relax, a good ‘time manager’. The female Rabbit loves to read, chat often with great sense of humor, artistic, and a good gardener indeed.
Overall, Rabbit takes considerable care over their appearances in their dressing to look outstanding at any function. They also attach great important to their relationship with others expecting heart matters to be faithfully sincere.

In romance, Rabbits are rarely without admirers and more than often love to have several serious romantic affairs before settling down for their outmost choice. Among the Chinese Horoscope animals, The Rabbit is not the most faithful but will be compatible especially with The Goat, Snake, Pig, and Ox.

Due to their sociable and relax manner nature, they can mingle with The Tiger, Dragon, Horse, Monkey, Dog or another Rabbit but will feel uneasy literally with The Rat and Rooster; for both these creature’s nature tends to be outspoken with criticism and comments and The Rabbit just loathes any form of criticism or unpleasantness.

Finally, it seems to that The Rabbit is usually lucky in life and often ends up in the right place and at the right time getting the type of comfort lifestyle even sometimes they are quite reserved with a suspicious thoughts about their friend’s motives. Being quick-witted, talented, generally they will lead a long and contented easy life free of strife and discord.